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testimonials Jenny, Belvidere Testimonial Jenny: Belvidere Park Care Centre has always justifiably had a good reputation for a high standard of care in beautiful surroundings.  As residents we have peace of mind knowing that there is 24-hour assistance and advice at our Care Centre.  Our nursing sisters, carers and cleaning staff carry out their duties in a professional... read more Testimonials testimonials Ann Belvidere Testimonial Ann - The Sisters and carers are always marvellous but I am not an in-patient yet at the Care Centre!  General living at Belvidere Park is very good.  I feel most welcome.  We have people who are making great efforts to get us all active and interested in social activities.  Belvidere Park plus its... read more Testimonials testimonials Keith & Colleen, Belvidere Testimonial Keith & Colleen - The quality of the health care service at Belvidere Park is excellent, kind and caring helpers are always available.  The Sisters are always willing and we never feel that we are a nuisance to anyone. The facilities at the Park are constantly available and we feel that we are very privileged... read more Testimonials testimonials Monica Belvidere testimonial Monica - It’s very reassuring to know that the staff at Belvidere Park are always willing to hold my hand and see me through my panic attacks and whenever I need them – the Care Centre staff are not nursing sisters and carers – they are Angels sent from Heaven.  I am also so... read more Testimonials testimonials Anon, Belvidere Testimonial Anon - I find everything, from the Care Centre to the facilities and staff and services at Belvidere Park, to be VERY GOOD!  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Anon read more Testimonials testimonials Anon praises the care centre staff, Belvidere Testimonial Anon - My husband spent time in the Care Centre, before he passed away and the staff were very kind and caring to him – my grateful thanks.  They all go out of their way to care for their patients.  With regard to the facilities at Belvidere Park, they are great and much appreciated. The... read more Testimonials testimonials Helen C, Belvidere Testimonial Helen C - The grounds are beautifully kept.  Catering in the dining room is good and having meals delivered is a great help if one is incapacitated.  I feel very safe here and enjoy the peaceful ambience. Belvidere Park is inconvenient for day-to-day shopping but Knysna is a great town to visit and my family... read more Testimonials testimonials Helen O, Belvidere Testimonial Helen O. -During Mike’s illness and stay in the Care Centre I can genuinely say that he had 10/10 treatment.  It was a relief having him there and knowing that he was well cared for – from the Sisters to the carers and cleaners.  I can highly recommend it.  Ten out of ten for... read more Testimonials testimonials Peter & Val Belvidere Testimonial Peter & Val - The day after we arrived at Belvidere Park Val, my wife, fell ill with a sore tummy.  I called the Care Centre and within a few minutes the nursing sister arrived and called the doctor who sent Val directly to hospital.  She had surgery and on her return to the... read more Testimonials testimonials Jaqui & Henning Belvidere Testimonial Jaqui & Henning - From the little we have needed of the health care service at Belvidere Park we can only say whatever we did need, was very efficient, caring and prompt.  The staff are well trained.  I needed a dressing changed a few times and the Sister was always willing, friendly, caring and... read more Testimonials testimonials Professional opinion from health expert on Belvidere retirement village - Wulf Utian Health Expert Wulf Utian - My wife Moira unfortunately fractured her pelvis. From being a fit and fast walker, she was suddenly totally incapacitated, and in excruciating pain. Fortunately I discovered the Belvidere Park Suites Care Centre, to which Moira was transferred after one week in hospital. The place is a gem and the... read more Testimonials