Belvidere Cook-Off

Belvidere Cook-OffDon’t for one minute think that an acclaimed, world famous “cook-off competition” is reserved for celebrities & TV shows. Right here in our very own dining room at Belvidere Park Retirement Village, on Friday the 16th November, we hosted our very own “cook-off” between the management  committee and the activities committee.

Organised by our extremely capable, willing and enthusiastic office team, the residents at Belvidere were treated to a hugely memorable night filled with laughter, prizes, a taster of the finished meals and a full dinner after the competition winners were announced. Congratulations to our winning team; the management committee who scored a whopping 9/10 with their delicious impromptu concoction created out a number of select ingredients. Congratulations too, to our activities committee for their excellent 6/10 score. We are sure they will return with a vengeance.

Thank you to all organizers, all prize sponsors and the residents themselves for supporting this incredibly fun event at Belvidere.

Here’s to many more. CLICK to view the cook-off photo gallery.