Our Staff

Our staff & caregivers are professional and dedicated in providing a superb service to all residents at Belvidere Park.

Our capable team consists of the following:

  • Administration: General Manager

Admin. Assistant

Part-time accountant

S.A.N.C. registered professional nurse

Eight Caregivers

Two domestics

  • Kitchen: Catering Manager

Two cooks

Two kitchen assistants

  • Gardens Foreman

Six gardeners

Part-time gardening consultant

  • Maintenance Part-time handyman

Our two nurses live on-site and when not on duty, are on-call in the event of any emergencies, day and night.

Our Caregivers in the Frail Care Centre are on duty 24/7.

All of our staff and caregivers have been at the Park for many years and are experienced and empathetic and very understanding of the needs of the elderly.

We also have a number of visiting practitioners…

Visiting Practitioners

Belvidere Park administrators will gladly organise visiting practitioners at residents’ requests to add to our excellent exclusive-use lifestyle facilities

We pride ourselves in giving our residents the very best care, including external care which we do not provide in house. These may include, but are certainly not limited to, visits by:

  • Hairdressers / Colourists
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Religious Mentors
  • Wellness Professionals
  • Pedicurists / Manicurists