Jenny, Belvidere Testimonial

Jenny: Belvidere Park Care Centre has always justifiably had a good reputation for a high standard of care in beautiful surroundings.  As residents we have peace of mind knowing that there is 24-hour assistance and advice at our Care Centre.  Our nursing sisters, carers and cleaning staff carry out their duties in a professional and efficient manner.  I love meeting our nursing sisters out and about during various times of the day in the cottage areas…..lots of friendly banter but kind and meaningful attention as well.

What a treat to go down to the dining room a couple of times a week…..enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of wine and socialise with other residents…….a welcome break from shopping, cooking and washing up afterwards!  Having an option of meals available which can be ordered and delivered daily, as well as simply knowing there is a system in place during times of ill health, is in my view, invaluable.

I am appreciative and grateful when I open the doors every morning and see our truly beautiful and tranquil surroundings.  I love to hear friendly chatter in the street or laughter and sounds of fun emanating from the croquet lawn.

Belvidere Park and the estate is a haven of peace and beauty (and a welcome retreat during the ‘silly season’!)