Professional opinion from health expert on Belvidere retirement village – Wulf Utian

Health Expert Wulf Utian – My wife Moira unfortunately fractured her pelvis. From being a fit and fast walker, she was suddenly totally incapacitated, and in excruciating pain. Fortunately I discovered the Belvidere Park Suites Care Centre, to which Moira was transferred after one week in hospital. The place is a gem and the staff beyond superb.  I believe I am qualified to make professional observations, having been involved in a senior capacity in the health systems of both the United States and South Africa.

The Care Centre offers a remarkable combination of quiet, bright rooms in a country-home type setting. The very caring staff adds to that impression, providing both skilled patient care and empathetic support. The food is very good. The superb gardens are a mood elevating resource. The result is an overall package at a very reasonable cost. Belvidere Park Care Centre is a very special place to be nurtured and treasured, and we would highly recommend it to anyone unfortunately in need. Residents of Belvidere are very lucky to have such a resource close to home.

Wulf Utian