The interesting layout of the estate lends itself to multiple walking routes between linked parkland areas, and through the country lanes of Old Belvidere.  Hiking clubs regularly visit the area particularly for gentle ambles along the lagoon edge and into the hills above Belvidere Estate.

Rutherford Walk is a 4km trail from the jetty, in and out of mostly indigenous trees and shrubs with intermittent snatches of views of Knysna across the lagoon.

Belvidere Estate is a perfect environment for dogs and dog-walking.  Dog owners of Belvidere Estate and neighbouring suburbs enjoy their daily outings in matchless surroundings.  There are notices and doggie-bags at strategic points and owners are urged to act responsibly and to collect litter left by their dogs.

At Belvidere Estate, the overwhelming landscape is one of natural beauty, ecological richness and biological diversity.  The region is especially famous for the Knysna turaco often seen around Belvidere Estate.

Despite being an urban environment, Belvidere Estate boasts an amazing diversity of fauna and flora.  The lovely gardens, many of which are filled with the beautiful fynbos for which the Cape is famous, attract a huge array of birds, butterflies and smaller creatures, such as the dwarf chameleon.

On the larger end of the scale, bushpig and porcupines are frequently seen at night as they forage on the estate.  There have been occasional reports of caracal (rooikat), no doubt attracted by the resident confusion of guinea fowl.

Dogs playing in the garden